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          Hi Ho Sheep Farm delivers great tasting lamb by relying on the skills of small, local farmers who tailor their practices to the needs of their lambs.  The lambs eat a balanced diet of grass, hay, and grain, avoiding extremes like grass fed .  They get fresh air and exercise in their pastures, but still have shelter to rest out of the elements .  They’re harvested at 5-11 months of age to ensure tenderness, unlike some operations who may grow them 18 months.  Above all, we and the farmers we work with pay attention to the needs of the lambs and tailor what we do to meet them.  We do this to bring you the best tasting lamb possible.  That’s why our customers say things like, “Cooked some of the lamb chops tonight and they were incredible!”  To pick out a great cut of lamb visit our online Meat Counter now!

          If you’ve never prepared lamb before, don’t worry.  Anybody can easily prepare lamb at home.  Go to our Recipes page for easy, delicious, recipes & cooking tips.

          Hi Ho Sheep Farm Lambs are raised within 2 hours drive of Kansas City so they don’t lose flavor and consume fuel traveling across the country or around the world.  Our family raises lambs on our small farm near Oak Grove.  We also use lambs grown by other small, local farms who take pride in their product.  When you buy from Hi Ho Sheep Farm you know your lamb came from a neighbor, not another continent.

          Hi Ho Sheep Farm lambs grow without hormones or feed antibiotics to ensure you receive pure, wholesome lamb.  We add no chemicals or preservatives.  All so you can enjoy great tasting lamb knowing it’s healthy and safe.

We moved to Missouri in August of 2010 and the sheep delivered our first Kansas City lamb crop! Nora, Craig, and our three girls miss Fort Collins and our great Colorado customers, but love the friendly people and green pastures that we found here in Missouri.  Contact us to find out how great local lamb can taste!